Trash Tapes CD Review by Dave O Rama



Trash Tapes
Greasvan Recordings

With ten tracks, each clocking in at two minutes on average, codyrapsgood stuffs his productions with minimalist mischief and musical parody. The album does an amazing job at satirizing hip hop and dance music styles while at the very same time paying homage to these forms of expression.

From the quiet storm crooning of the intro Isaiah to the rap swagger of a track like It’s Nice, codyrapsgood is definitely taking the piss. The Trash Tapes push out inventive beats and some crafty cut ups of vocal samples while poppin’ some cheeky rhymes.

Vancouver’s codyrapsgood drops some clever musical nuggets that bring to mind the kind of humorous minimalism French musician Manu Chao was mining back in the day on his debut solo album Clandestino, with its electronic simplicity and use of keychain samples. Trash Tapes is a sassy little flavour pack of creative brilliance. On top of all that, Cody definitely lives up to his name.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine