Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers – Gettin’ That Lowdown Swing

Slim Sandy

Gettin’ That Lowdown Swing
Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers

Reviewed by Dave O Rama

Victoria’s Slim Sandy likes to keep his sound raw and stripped down. Fronting his Hillbilly Boppers on guitar and harmonica and backed up by German Ebert on snare and Willa Mae on washtub bass and harmonies this trio packs a punch. Their minimalist sound is part jump blues, part rockabilly, with a big splash of swing all dressed in hillbilly spirit.

Songs like Hug, Spank and A Kiss and Gene Vincent’s Be Bop A Lula, and We’re Gonna Bop pay homage to the true spirit of rock n’ roll, while Wow Wow Baby and Whoa Boy ride the rhythm and blues right onto the dance floor. There are ample nods to western swing stylings with numbers like Never Seen My Baby Alone, Bob Wills Cadillac Model A, Zeb Truner’s No More Nothin’, as well as the swinging title track. The rest of the selections are steeped in country blues and hayseed hellfire.

Willa Mae does a fine job when she takes over the lead vocal duties on The Coker’s We’re Gonna Bop, and The Collins Kids Hop Skip And A Jump, and when she harmonizes with lead man Slim Sandy it could set the barn afire. Slim Sandy and The Hillbilly Boppers are seasoned players, devotees of the Hillbilly Swing and veterans of the Canadian rockabilly scene; they’re a five alarm fire in a six inch skillet. With a devotion to authenticity and a keen fixation on the raw roots of old time rock n roll Slim Sandy runs a tight little unit with a big boppin’ sound. I swear more people need to know about this cool unit because they really deserve more attention and some serious exposure on the West Coast festival scene. If you want to throw the best porch party ever then take my advice, you’ll be needing to put Slim Sandy and The Hillbilly Boppers on your invite list.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine