Love You Miss You – Always and Forever CD review

Love You Miss You

Always and Forever
Love You Miss You

reviewed by Dave O Rama

Activated from the yeast that was Whisky Chief and inoculated with a serious dose of bass culture, Love You Miss You hosts a super tight squad of next generation Vancouver groove merchants.

It’s a massive sound showing off some stellar musicianship from a sizable cast of characters including bassist Keegan Scott, guitarists Mike Woods and Steve Bedall, percussionists Paul Clark and Chris Couto, and a horn section comprised of Cole Graham, Mike Kayser and Chris “Smoothie” Robin. Love You Miss You is a big sexy band that kisses with tongue and swaggers in pink.

Fronted by keyboardist Peter Bowles, who is also the writing partner of Nick Middleton from The Funk Hunters, there’s the extra added bonus of guest vocalist and rapper Tonye “Magic T” Aganaba featured on the tracks Let It Go and Vibes. Aganaba can also be heard dropping flavourful vocalizations over many of the other instrumental funk workouts on the album. Magic T has popped up in recent years working with an impressive assortment of west coast outfits including Delhi 2 Dublin, The Funk Hunters and the Red, Gold and Green Machine. The Vancouver soul slinger adds that special ingredient that takes the whole thing up another notch. This is pretty hard to do when in the presence of such throng of talented players.

Bowles lays down some sassy vocoder over Take Yo Time and the title track paying tribute to disco era sci-fi flirtations while maybe unintentionally drawing attention to the over saturation of auto tune in contemporary urban music. Bowles also deftly handles all the arrangements and production work, while Ryan Eno’s mix and Nick Middleton’s mastering polish up this beautiful thing so that the contagious rhythms sparkle inside your mind. Finish it all off with the zest of fresh rhyme from DASH and Always And Forever delivers a funky love letter.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine