Jouska – Gentle Party

Gentle Party

Reviewed by Dave O Rama

Gentle Party

This one got past me when it was released on the phonometrograph label several months ago, so I wanted to acknowledge this lovely piece of work before we bid farewell to 2017. On their debut Jouska west coast chamber pop quartet Gentle Party have woven an elegant web of strings which they have delicately spun around the hazy ethereal words of singer Jessica Yliruusi.

The group also features the stunning contributions of three award winning and highly in demand Vancouver musicians Elisa Thorn (Harp), Meredith Bates (Violin), and Shanto Acharia (Cello), each bringing with them their own unique sonic element, that when intermingled, creates a collective piece of work that is truly transcendent.

Like a soundtrack to Tinkerbell’s mid life crisis the music on Jouska is lush and somewhat mischievous, yet shimmering with melancholy. The compositions flutter and swirl like a growing breeze in a silent autumn forest, birds skitter in the underbrush while spirits whisper from behind old mossy logs. Playful and experimental Gentle Party creates a collection of opium fairy tales dripping in amber and moist with river mist. Gentle, emotional, and gorgeously atmospheric Jouska is a stunning debut that is richly layered, sumptuous, and radiates from inside a dream.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine