Illvis Freshly – Illennials CD Review by Dave O Rama

Illvis Freshly

Illvis Freshly

Illvis Freshly keeps the party dialed in 2016 with their new sophomore release showcasing the band’s infectious blend of funk rockin’ hip hop jams. Since the release of their first album in spring, 2015, Illvis Freshly has been lighting up festival stages.

Maturity wouldn’t be a word I would apply to these guys, but on Illennials you can hear the results of their hard work and devotion to their art. The constant gigging and prolific music video output has certainly sharpened their skills and you can hear the results in these twelve new joints. With their heads in old school nineties style hip hop, clearly flagged in the title of the track 94 Style, MCs Doc Zoo and Danimal House just keep on slinging out clever, complex and irreverent rap exchanges, much of the time at breakneck speeds.

Doc Zoo and DJ Mt. Doyle fill the room with super inventive full spectrum party bangers; fully realized sonic collages that leave just enough space for IF guitarist Phil Lyons to wail out on. Lyons electric guitar always adds that extra blast of turbo funkalicious blues rocking licks to what are already really powerful arrangements, and the guys in Illvis Freshly should be acknowledged for the incredible balance they are able to find where the complexity of the rhyme delivery is equal to the complexity of the backing tracks. At first glance Illvis Freshly may appear to be just another posse of cocky white rappers because their delivery is so ferociously flip. Soon as you really dig in you’ll quickly appreciate the attention to detail and the sophistication of the material.

Add to the mix some super fine guest appearances from Alberta roots singer Caleb Hart, Victoria electro-soul man Bousada, and hoop diva Kosmic Kitty and Illennials blows up like champagne and mentos. Every track on the album is solid fun, favourites being Till Its Gone, The Come Up, and I have to admit that I love the crazy vocal samples on One More Drink. There are a lot of great hip hop bands on the Canadian scene right now, and Illvis Freshly is definitely one of them.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine