Dave O Rama Meets Silla & Rise

Silla & Rise

This interview comes from the March 25, 2017 edition of The Lovecast, broadcasting live on CHLY FM to the west coast of Canada.

Dave O Rama gets all three members of the Canadian electro-indigenous group Silla & Rise on the phone from Ottawa where the band is nominated this week for Indigenous Music Album of the Year.

Based in Ottawa, where the JUNO Awards are being celebrated this year, this trio pairs the powerful vocalizations of Inuit throat singers Charlotte Qamaniq, Cynthia Pitsiulak with electronic soundscapes created by musician and producer Rise Ashen.

This dynamic trio discuss the recording of their first album Debut, how Qamaniq and Pitsiulak came to partner up and develop their singing techniques, the electronic and aboriginal music scene, the origins of throat singing, the approaching JUNO Award festivities, and the group’s upcoming live performances and future recording plans.

You can check out the music of Silla & Rise here

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