Dave O Rama Meets Kinnie Starr

Kinnie Starr

Canadian musician, composer, singer, producer, and multimedia artist Kinnie Starr joins Dave O Rama on the April 1, 2017 edition of The Lovecast to discuss the release of her new project, a documentary film called Play Your Gender.

Starr joins forces with producer Sahar Yousefi and director Stephanie Clattenburg to explore the world of music production and engineering and to investigate why so few women are represented in this field of work.

Play Your Gender features interviews by Kinnie Starr with an array of both women and men working in the recording industry including Patti Schemel, Melissa Auf der Mar, Maggie Vail, Trevor Murphy, Rich Aucoin, Lindsay-Bea Davis, Stephanie Johns, Megan James, Ndidi Onukwulu, Lily Frost, and many others.

In addition to an in depth conversation on this important subject Dave O Rama also has Starr touch on some of the factors that propel her own creative drive.

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