Ar•ti•fact – Audiophysical

Ar•ti•fact – Audiophysical


Artifact is the third full length studio album from New Zealand groovologist Audiophysical. The man behind the Audiophysical curtain is producer and multi-instrumentalist Andre Lamb. A world traveler, Lamb has been based in Vancouver for the better part of two years settling into his life as a new father with his Canadian partner who he met while living Spain.

Released on the German Deja-Tunes label and recorded in Vancouver Artifact is world class and bass driven, amalgamating a fistful of genres into one gorgeously cohesive slab of nu jazz funk. Employing a skilled use of live instrumentation and digital sampling Lamb interweaves the sounds of the blues, soul, jazz, funk, dub reggae and a host of other afro centric flavourings to create a vibe that’s pure pleasure from beginning to end.

The music here is strictly instrumental, richly layered, and infused with the spirit of the funk. Lamb also has a big love for the dub side of reggae and there is a healthy representation here with tracks like Dubbylicious, Essence Dub, and Sun Stroke. Relaxed, complex and crackling with synaptic sweeteners and saturated with seductive atmospherics Audiophysical delivers a bubbling broth of cool downtempo jazz seasoned with a savory dose of dubwise.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine