Dave O Rama

DAVEORAMA.COM is the Internet portal of David Owen Rama.

Also widely known as Dave O Rama.

Dave O Rama is a writer, broadcaster, journalist, artist, DJ, curator, cinephile, and musicologist. Dave is passionate about art, culture, music, film, media, travel, food, festivals, social justice, community, stewardship, and the health of this incredible planet we call Earth.

Dave O Rama is the host and producer of The Lovecast, a weekly radio program presenting a positive broad spectrum focus on music exploration. The Lovecast broadcasts live to the west coast of Canada on Saturday evenings from the studios of CHLY 101.7 FM. The Lovecast is also syndicated by several other radio stations and internet podcasters.

The Lovecast can be found in podcast form following each live broadcast streaming here.

Complete playlists are also available with each podcast. Please FOLLOW Dave O Rama on Mixcloud.

You can also love us on Facebook by giving us some LIKE at our fan page, The Lovecast with Dave O Rama 

If your media organization is interested in rebroadcasting or syndicating The Lovecast I encourage you to please make contact. It would be great to hear from you.

Dave O Rama is a freelance writer specializing in culture and music.

Here’s where you can find me on Twitter @daveorama3000 

With an academic background in Creative Writing, Journalism, Media Studies, and Broadcasting,
David Owen Rama is available for hire as a writer, journalist, broadcaster, DJ, curator, and consultant.

Please feel free to contact me here at lovecast@gmail.com

If you are a musician, band, or musical collective and you would like to send me your recordings for broadcast or review, feel free to email me your high quality audio downloads. Please ensure that the file quality is at least 320 kbps mp3, with wav or FLAC being my preferred formats. For reference purposes it is important to also include pertinent information about the project along with your download.

CDs can be mailed to the following address…

Dave O Rama
1782 El Verano Drive
Gabriola Island, British Columbia
V0R 1X6


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Dave, just heard your show driving home around 430ish. Loved what I heard. How can I hear it again? I need a track list. There was a song by 480 east and a few songs before that I thought were awesome. If you have the time please send me some info on that. I wish I could play it now but can’t remember the names. Keep up the great work. Nice mixing! :)

    • Thanks JD!

      I usually get the podcast up in a few days after the show airs and the track list is included with every podcast. I’m in Toronto right now and I’m busy attending JUNO Award screening meetings, so it might take a day or two longer. You can find all my other podcasts here http://www.mixcloud.com/daveorama Thanks for tuning in. Podcast link is also on my homepage on the top right hand side. Peace!

  2. Hey Daveorama great website hope you drop into my studio sometime!

    1448 trillium way
    Gabriola , b.c.

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