A Shell in the Pit – Okhlos Soundtrack review




Okhlos – Original Soundtrack
A Shell in the Pit

reviewed by Dave O Rama

Okhlos is a roguelike video action game created by Argentinean developers Coffee Powered Machine, but the mind blowing soundtrack music for the game was created by Vancouver composer and sound designer Gordon McGladdery, who goes by the moniker A Shell In The Pit.

This is the 14th release from The Shell In The Pit and it contains 12 frenetic and mesmerizing chiptune compositions named for a variety of Greek Gods and iconic geographical locations. Similar to animated Lego tributes to iconic blockbuster films A Shell In The Pit has crafted an inspiring minimalist 8 bit interpretation of classic orchestral epic film soundtracks.

Condensing all the pomp, pageantry and sense of urgency and adventure is no small feat when distilling it down into the stark electronic urgency of chiptune sequencing, but A Shell In The Pit pulls it off with impressive style. He does this by infusing the industrial pulsations, frantic ripples, glitches and synthetic chirpings of 8 bit with sumptuous harps and lute phrasings that add an entirely different dimension to the music, ultimately creating a musical interplay rarely heard.

For fans of soundtrack music, video game composition, electronic dance music and hip hop, this kind of stuff will really challenge how open you are to new avenues of musical expression. Definitely of interest to sonic adventurers and self described electronic music freaks.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine