A Lesser Precision – Llamas At Sunset

Llamas At Sunset

By Dave O Rama

I could be mistaken but Llamas At Sunset appears to be a project of one featuring production and instrumentation by Kelowna based musician Alexander Sévigny. A Lesser Precision is rooted in a bass, drums, and guitar configuration while it takes us on a dramatic excursion into an invigorating alchemy of undulating low end and popping drum flourishes generously spattered with epic jazz rock guitar workouts.

Crystalline and emanating light, gentle and acoustic moving effortlessly into epic electric, the eight instrumentals contained on A Lesser Precision ignite all the right synapses and bathes the listener in warm satisfaction. Unable to restrain a sunshine mind with song titles like With Spring Comes New Life, Sunburnt Heart In April, Foreshadowing Summer, this music conjures images of buzzing yellow fields and frothing tidal pools.

Recorded in Sévigny’s home studio, my only criticism is that it’s almost too well produced. His guitar work is so effortless and free-flowing it begs for a looser grip, perhaps with a trio fully communicating more as a fluid entity interacting in the moment. Yet, that’s just splitting hairs and recognizing further possibilities which these well crafted compositions inspire. Llamas At Sunset offer up an effervescent brew, with a rootsy soul, an avant-jazz heart, and a prog-rock libido, specially configured for dedicated guitar heads.

Originally published in BC Musician Magazine